Panasonic’s greening effort….but what are they really doing?

This news piece tells us about the great advertising campaign Panasonic North America is releasing to ‘highlight its growing leadership in green business innovation’ by 2018. ( Interesting and ambitious thinking to protect home and social environments. But why go for an expensive  World Heritage advertising campaign on the National Geographic? With an anthem and theme song all in place. First of all, all greening claims have come under suspicion and scrutiny. Most have turned out to be too little too late. Most have been viewed as unabashed self promotions without any real commitment backing them. All promises are for the far future with no time line or details shared. So in this context it is difficult to understand how a heavy spend advertising TV program on heritage sites helps the Panasonic cause. Who believes  advertising any way? For serious issues probably no one. Advertising is for when no one else wants to tell your story or hear it. No one wants to get involved with you or engage with you. No one believes you will do as you promise. Okay so there has been plenty of truthful and engaging advertising in the past and we assume Panasonic and its agencies will pull off this one as well. But we wish Panasonic would ‘do’ more to show what ‘greening’ means to them and through them for us.


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