Consider this…

Do you have to act like a man to succeed in business?

Women see emulating male behavior in the corporate world as the road to success. While this is an objective look at what is happening, the more interesting investigation would be into why it is happening. Why are women not playing to their natural genetic gender strengths? Maybe because, the soft skills they use to enrich corporate culture are devalued by the overwhelmingly male population in the workplace. ‘Out-aggressing’ male corporate aggression doesn’t seem to be getting the women very far. Their numbers at the top remain small in every country in the world. Their presence on corporate boards everywhere in the world remains minuscule. Workplace policies/amenities in offices are way behind real needs that a working mother has.

Are women better managers as some experts believe? Some acknowledged innate skills of women managers are: high adaptability, high delegation skills,good at building emotional compacts,  take risks with caution, more creative, more right-brained (Read Daniel Pink’s  book ‘A Whole New Mind’ to learn more about right and left brain thinking). Is there any acceptable truth in these ‘generalizations’? The body of knowledge is growing, evidence is coming in, the snowball is rolling and the day of the house husband has arrived!!

And then there is the ‘Queen Bee’ syndrome where women who succeed and reach the top are particularly nasty to other women. Gender bias in the workplace  it appears nurtures this type of peer aggression. Women who belong to this group prefer to stay in a state of denial.. Here is a study that touches on this issue:

And then there is the evidence that counters all this:

Why you need women leading in your organization


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