The bad past chasing the future

Nike are good guys right? Right. But even good guys sometimes do stuff that isn’t right. Inadvertently. Unknowingly. Or maybe they knew but thought could get away with some if not all of it. Even as the good times roll on, the bad times roll back inevitably. SO Nike is back in the news with bad human rights practices in Indonesia.

Nike Better World? Not for Converse Workers in Indonesia

Dow Chemicals inherited problem in India when it bought out Union Carbide. That problem persists. It is alive and well and being tended by the local communities and the Supreme Court in India. Looks like it is something that will play on in the background without getting in the way of the company making all kinds of responsible futuristic statements elsewhere in the world. Something to think about when it comes to brand responsibility.

Dow Chemicals plans corporate overhaul

And now there is more because social memory of wrong doings can be very long. Big mistake whether inherited or made cannot be ignored any longer. There are too many vested interest and enough determination to keep protest on the boil.

Business Insider has this on DC’s sponsorship of the London Olympics.


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