Taking on the regulators

When brands battle policy initiatives that get in the way of their business one wonders where the debate will go. But most of what is written and stated fails to guide public opinion in any coherent or meaningful way. Some facts are stated, mostly superficial and  simplistic and then the news is slowly pushed out of the way. What governments around the world are doing to take on tobacco for instance became an enthusiastic subject for commentary and now appears to be receding in intensity. The new one starting is the regulatory opposition to carbonated sugar drinks in the context of rising obesity. In both cases the first response to government ‘uprising’ has been to go to court, knowing that this assures that the final reckoning can be pushed back for years. In the meantime ordinary citizens, that is all the rest of us, continue to muddle our way through wondering whether to have the next bottle of soda or smoke the next cigarette – if we are stupid enough to be still smoking. And at the back of our minds plays a familiar refrain….it can’t happen to me.

Soda makers escalate attacks over obesity




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