The Logo Debate continues…

Branding is a subject that gets written about over and over again. Most often it is the same stuff that is recycled with a few new sparklers. Perhaps there is no way out of this repetition. There is nothing new to say. But from time to time a smaller debate inside the big brand circle comes up and presents opportunity for experts to flex their mental muscles and give us something specific to discuss. And of late this whole business of should brands change their logos and if so when and why is an interesting one. Soon after the Starbucks mermaid went in for a makeover and GAP squared off for the wrong reasons there has been a spate of comment and commentary on the right and wrong of this action. I do not think that logos are sacrosanct or that they cannot evolve and change. I think since logos are a visual artistic expression of the brand and since art is reflective of social creative sensibility and this sensibility undergoes change with time so should the visual expression of the brand.


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