Whole Foods shows us how to make money and be sensitive at the same time…..wait a minute, this may not be the best idea!

July 30, 2011

Iftar, the Whole Foods way….all halal foods in  a large variety of cuisines to impress Muslim customers.

It is a large minority to consider, it is at the moment a minority under stress everywhere in the world. While proud of many things there is a significant number of intellectuals and followers of Islam who wonder how they became so separate in their identity that they can no longer live at peace with others in so many countries and why above all some among them created this wave of fundamentalism that got a reaction from almost every other religious group.

But social and religious considerations apart Muslim “consumers”, not to mention Muslim “investors”  seem to have gathered enough clout for companies and brands…and banks….to want to do things in a way acceptable to them.

Is this good or bad in the last analysis?


August 18, 2011

Well it turns out that the scheme has been withdrawn after protests from various quarters….


Another story on this…



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