Big Tobacco should Back Off! But they are fighting back…

The latest in the anti tobacco story:

Nothing brings industry together better than adversity.

Tobacco giants suing FDA over warning labels mandate

June 23, 2011

US FED releases 9 graphic warnings for cigarette packs

Once again industry has chosen to take the legal rather than the socially and morally correct route to a business challenge.

Our question: How does all this play out in South East Asia since this region is being considered the next hunting ground for cigarette makers. Not fair. But there is no denying that this part of the world could teach the rest about a variety of addictions!

For Big Tobacco South East Asia is the final frontier (For Subscribers Only)

Not very responsible behavior considering that tobacco consumption in the form of cigarettes has been conclusively linked to cancer and a host of other chronic and life threatening medical disorders. Is there no good way out of this troublesome debate? In India the traditional mode of imbibing tobacco was and is through chewing, smoking the hookah or in the form of bidis. Not that any of these is a safer than cigarettes since what is at the core of the issue is not just tar and carbon deposits in the lungs but the damage done to the body through increasing levels of nicotine. So now that developed societies ( for this also read more informed societies and consumers) have rejected or are rejecting cigarettes, the emerging markets are the next frontier. Profit before people? Always! What a shame.

And here is Phillip Morris telling us that cigarettes are not hard to give up….

An encouraging word from the Marlboro man


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