Brands for a Good Cause: Update

Kellogg’s ‘Help Give a Child a Breakfast’ 

……part of the Breakfast Club initiative.  Is this a marketing gimmick or does the brand expect to leave some lasting change. A better nourished next generation? Would adding on a big helping of corn flakes do the job? Is this just to make us feel better for eating these because a part of the  sales proceeds go towards supporting this initiative? And apparently it has been 13 years since the breakfast club idea started. Is Kellogg tracking progress of those who participate in this program?

Cause Marketing Does Affect Brand Purchase

Here is the latest on impact on brands from doing social good.

January 2011

The latest branding wisdom states that you must do good, be seen to be doing good and sustain your good efforts in order for your brand to engage in a rewarding manner with your consumers and other stakeholders. Those committed to this say their efforts are not to be confused with corporate philanthropy or corporate social responsibility. This effort is linked to the products people buy and then feel good that in buying them they are contributing to the social betterment of those who cannot afford to buy these products. The newest in this category is Gucci……

Here is a useful site in case you want to know more about who did good and how  over the last few years:


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