Amazing Amazon! The iPad still Rules.

Like its mighty name sake, it flows on broad and deep and wide!  Those of us who have used the iPad, particularly iPad 2 are not likely to see Amazon’s Kindle Fire as real competition. Undercutting iPad does not apply as an argument to us because had we been price conscious we would not have bought the iPad in the first place. Apple has never been positioned as a price led brand. Its value comes from the fact that it delivers on its price promise. It sits right in the middle of a heavy laptop and a lighter eBook reader. It has an interface that is more than just user friendly it is positively seductive. So today’s headlines putting Amazon’s new Kindle Fire as a head on competitor to the iPad do not make much sense. On the other the speed and agility with which Amazon has responded to every single opportunity in the market is beyond impressive. These technology driven consumer brands catch hold of the consumer’s wrist and never let go. Every shift in the pulse is measured and something done about it. The interesting question is why hasn’t the “traditional” consumer products industry done the same?

And here is another analysis of what could be other problems with the Kindle Fire…..largely from the e Book reading perspective.



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