A commendable goal and an admirable commitment but a somewhat unhappy title…

Unilever announces the setting up of Domestos Toilet Academies!

The first will be launched early next year in Vietnam. The aim is to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to sanitation problems in places where these are urgently needed. Unilever has partnered with the World Toilet Organization – had no idea such a body existed –  so perhaps they had no choice in having to brand their initiative accordingly. But some of the promotions planned for the initiative seem to have no compunction in playing on the most obvious word in this context which frankly begins to be distasteful after a time. It does not particularly raise the profile of this initiative and simply serves to irritate. Here are the details from POPSOP.com. And by the way did you know that November 19  is World Toilet Day? We did not.

And here is more of the same from ToiletDay.org


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