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January 12, 2012

Media is business and business corners media.

It started with media becoming a business. Newspapers and magazines became ‘products’ to be marketed as you would any other brand. Now business is buying into media more actively than ever before. Is this a blatant attempt to further jeopardize the  independence of the media? Some of this independence media had already sacrificed in the interest of commercial gain. It did not always pan out as expected and there are instances of subsequent divestment.

Why would the readers of media ‘owned’ in this fashion be trusted by readers at large? Or are we expected to believe that there will no pressure put on these business owned newspapers, magazines and TV channels to curb negative news on their business stockholders?  Media content has deteriorated to an extent where reading anything in the morning is now a chore. The writing quality is dismal, comments and analyses either missing or superficial and advertising to editorial ratios completely haywire. If shortage of funds is an issue with print and broadcast media today then they need to restructure their finances not by reaching for business funds with strings attached but in some other way.

We, The People, are the only ones who can keep these  intellect and information driven ‘products’ alive. We do not mind entertainment, we enjoy weekend banter, we want accuracy in business reportage and we want economic and political analysis that helps us make more sense of what is going on around us? Maybe media need to sit together with the big space buying agencies that have both hands around their throats to keep bringing down rates. Bad advertising, most of the time, buying up huge amounts of space at lowest possible rates – that could just be the real problem.

Trust in media is going down and this collusion with business is likely to lower it even more.