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February 26, 2012

The Maggi-c Nestle made

When you do good it must be acknowledged. And while Nestle’s marketing of Maggi Noodles has been unabashedly aggressive across the developed world, the brand has obviously answered some deep seated consumer need for it to succeed as well as it has. The story of how in Kerala people were replacing rice with Maggi has not been confirmed by any one I know, but it is still being told. And now here is Nestle spinning the Maggi magic in Africa. Read the story of the Cooking Caravans which travel through Central and West Africa teaching people all about diet, hygiene and micronutrients, something even we in highly urbanized areas do not yet know fully. By the way Maggi is 125 years old this year.

February 9, 2012

Ready to Eat…false promises

The Mint today has an article on the failure of ready to eat branded foods in India. Not surprised. I have tried almost all the top brands in India and have to say that the combination of high price, small quantity and almost ‘foul’ taste leaves me disgusted. As stated in the article, the spur is convenience. Anticipation builds as you read the advertising and on pack  promise. When opened and consumed, however, the disappointment is overwhelming.

As the article states these foods which include noodles, pasta, snacks, desserts, meals and curry pastes are targeted at the working woman/mother. Unless single, she cooks on average for a house of four. These foods given the cost and measure cannot be a daily solution. They are for extreme situations.  And unless they meet her taste and quantity requirements, extending the range will not solve the problem these brands face in the market. So if the brand guardians are looking for growth through extending the range they need to stop and take another look at what they are putting inside these packs.

Where are the consumer panels that should be testing these foods before they are put on store shelves?