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March 14, 2012

Shame on you tobacco! Update

March 14, 2012

C$27 billion suit vs Big Tobacco starts in Montreal


January 27, 2012

If this can happen in the US it can happen anywhere: “On the other hand, the tobacco industry didn’t let a bad economy keep it down: spending on new products meant to entice younger people to start using tobacco — like nicotine toothpicks and breath mints — is on the rise, while state childhood smoking programs are being reduced.”

November 10, 2011

And the latest in the battle between Tobacco companies and those who would like them to show a far greater degree of responsibility than they do now: an US district court has ruled in favor of the tobacco companies and asked the US FDA to not insist on the graphic warnings the latter wanted placed on all cigarette packs. the graphics are so frightening that it is possible people will either never want to start smoking or do their best to give it up. And this “emotional appeal” apparently is seen as not fair by the cigarette manufacturers. The Association of National Advertisers in the US applauds this decision and sees it as a “violation of the First Amendment rights of all marketers…..”


This couldn’t possibly be true. This goes beyond cynical and self serving to total cruelty.

And Now Tobacco Companies Are Brainwashing Students At China’s Poorest Schools

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