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June 16, 2011

Do Brand Ambassadors influence Consumers?

Who knows? Celebs are being used all over the globe to lead brands into winning more and more competitive space. But is there any way to check whether the huge amounts being paid to these celebs are giving any measurable returns?  Here are some facts on what is happening in the US market. Chances are most sophisticated consumer markets will yield the same results.

Another interesting point to ponder is what happens when these brand ambassadors fall from grace. In a sense there is no need for worry because if they never did any good what harm can they now do?

The heaviest use of brand ambassadors is for advertising purposes. Surprisingly this doubly compounded expense is something brands are willing to carry while other worthwhile solutions to reach consumers are summarily dismissed.

Some of the worst advertising has brand ambassadors in it. It is vacuous, listless and relies too heavily on the glitter of the celeb to pull it through. This is not creativity it is a crack up.