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November 16, 2011

Sustainability: the idea grows, the goal post moves

November 16, 2011

Sustainability gets a new impetus. ‘Biomimicry’ which explained in simple terms means looking at Nature to solve problems in the human domain, is now being used and tracked by more and more experts to ensure sustainable innovation keeping both environment and economic outcomes in mind.

FastCompany has the latest on this….

June 16, 2011

Every idea is an organism. It is born, it is fed, it grows and reaches maturity. It works because it has the inherent vitality to imbue the social fabric with the colors of change and survival. Its power can be felt. Its survival is ensured.

To sustain is to keep going. For business the challenge is to keep the balance between commercial interest and the pressure this puts on its operating environment: not deplete resources, use them efficiently, save on inputs, innovate and find new solutions.

Companies have used the word sustainability in many contexts: the ecology, finance, finance and ecology, natural resource use, community support, employee wellness, human rights, new technology from time to time

Sustainability is linked to innovation, to changing current consumer lifestyles,  recycling, reusing, reconstructing, reviving. Higher level considerations  are: preserving biodiversity, curbing pollution, changing technology from toxic to clean.

Idea of  Sustainability is everyone’s concern.  It now has a dense pool of intellectual energy that surrounds and sustains it. Business alone cannot keep up the churn or provide enough stimulation for its future growth. We need many other constituents. We need social platforms, civic groups, community forums to espouse and surround the idea with new paradigms.

Brands Making Sustainability a Goal


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